HTML Archiver
A tool to make self-contained HTML files or folders


The HTMLArchiver is a simple tool that can produce a self-contained file for a Web page. You can use it, e.g., to

How it works

The HTMLArchiver is a Java tool that you can download on your computer. Once downloaded, open a terminal and type
java -jar HTMLArchiver.jar INLINE (Web page or source file name) (target file)
This will convert the Web page or the source file into a single file, by inlining all resources as Data URIs.

Alternatively, you can use

java -jar HTMLArchiver.jar BUNDLE (Web page or source file name) (target folder)
This will copy the Web page or source file and all resources to the target folder, and adjust the references in the source accordingly.
Download program


Download source


This is not a professional program, but a personal tool that I wrote for myself. It may be useful to you — or not. The tool will work only with ASCII or UTF-8 encoded source files. It will also not work with dynamic Web pages or anything that uses Javascript.

Terms and Conditions

The HTMLARchiver was programmed by Fabian M. Suchanek. It is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This means you can use the program for free. You can even build on it, if you credit the author. Finally, the license REJECTS ALL WARRANTIES AND GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER FOR THIS PRODUCT. The current version is 2017-08-07.

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