Fabiana Font


Fabiana is a free SVG-based font tailored for presentations:

In a standards‐compliant browser, this page will already show in Fabiana Font. To check this, see if the letter “i” is rounded at the bottom.

The font was designed with the font-exporting feature of the SVG slide editor PowerLine. It contains 324 characters, which include the Unicode Basic Latin block, the Latin-1 Supplement, characters for Romanian, cyrillic characters for Russian (Русский), and the first 16 combining diacritics.



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Download and Usage

You can either download directly the truetype font by the button above. If you want also the SVG font and the italic and bold style, download the entire package.

To use the font in Latex, install the font on your system by double‐clicking on the TTF file. Then write the following in your Latex document preamble:

Compile with xelatex, which is a command-line tool that comes with the Latex installation.


The Fabiana Font is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. This license requires a user to give attribution whenever this font is used. When this font is used for a document, it is sufficient to deliver a link to the present page upon request by readers of the document. If you would like to use the font for commercial purposes, please contact the author.

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the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


aæåã ªºàá âäăA ÆÃÀÅ ÁÂÄĂ bBc©¢ çCÇd ðDÐ eèéê ëĕEÈ ÉÊËĔ fFgG hHiì íîĭïI ÌÍÎÏ ĬjJ kKlL £mMn ñNÑo øõ¤ò óôöŏ œŒOØÕ ÒÓÔÖ Ŏpþ PÞ¶q QrR® sşșS ŞȘtț ţTŢȚ uµùúû üŭUÙ ÚÛÜ ŬvVw Wx×X yÿýY Ý¥zZ āēīōū ĀĒĪŌŪ ≥≤™≠ ~!¡@ #$%‰‱ °^&* () -‐÷ _=±+ []}{ |¦\: ;'’‘ "“”,. >< /¼½¾ ?¿01 ¹2²3 ³456 789— ¬€ßẞ•· §«»АаБ бВвГ гДдЕ еЖжЗ зИиЙ йКкЛ лМмНн Оо ПпРр СсТт УуФф ХхЦц ЧчШш ЩщЪъЫ ыЬьЭ эЮюЯ яЁё

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