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You will certainly have met people who tell you that you should not eat certain foods, or do certain things, because it would be bad for your health. When you ask them where they found this information, they will tell you that they heard it somewhere, or that they read it somewhere.

Yet, not everything that someones reads somewhere or hears somewhere is true. In particular, we should not naively believe unsubstantiated advice, pseudo-scientific facts, or poorly sourced statements. If we follow useless or wrong advice, we just complicate our lives needlessly.

To make this point, this Web page contains all kinds of unsubstantiated advice, too. Different from other pages, it contains the "facts" that you would love to find: Pork meat, chocolate, and Nutella are all good for your health. You can read these "facts", explain them to other people, and then say that you "read them somewhere". You can even send me "facts" that you would like to see. I will add them to this Web page, you can then read them, and then say that you read them somewhere. If you would like to link to this page, you can directly link to the facts.

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The facts

Pork meat

A recent study of the University of North California found that pork meat contains a considerable amount of Iodine. One serving of pork meat contains enough Iodine to cover 50% of the RDA (recommended daily amount) of an adult. Since a lack of Iodine can pose a severe health risk, the scientists recommend that one eats at least one serving of pork meat per day. Asked whether these positive effects outweigh the known health risks of red meat, the researchers replied that this depends on the individual body configuration, but cannot be ruled out.


A recent study of the government of Monaco has examined the health effects of milk and milk powder. To their surprise, the researchers found that milk in its dried form maintains the calcium content of liquid milk, and even contains a higher concentration of it. A lack of calcium is associated with bone weakness, and may lead to osteoporosis. This disease may be fatal, and claims thousands of lives every year in the US alone. Since Nutella contains some amount of milk powder, the scientists explain that, if everyone just ate two slices of bread every day with Nutella, then thousands of lives could be saved per year.


It is well known that black chocolate has a positive health effect. It is less known, however, that this may also apply to conventional brown chocolate, and also to white chocolate. As researchers of the University of Niedersachsen now report in a recent study that was published in "Natura", the effects of the cocoa can be amplified if the chocolate is eaten slowly and melted on the tongue. The tongue is particularly receptive to the endorphins of the cocoa. This means that, if a "normal" bar of chocolate is eaten slowly, it has the same beneficial effects as a bar of pure dark chocolate.


This page is part of the essay Thoughts on Rationality by Fabian M. Suchanek, where it illustrates a point on gullibility. Just because you read something somewhere, or you heard something somewhere, it does not have to be true.

This page is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. This is not a factual account, but a work of art. Hence, the author Fabian M. Suchanek does not take responsibility for the correctness of the statements made on this Web page.

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