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Terms of Use
Fluctuat et Mergitur is a satirical Web blog about the University of Paris-Saclay and the NewUni project. All texts and images are my own work, unless otherwise marked. The blog is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This license protects intellectual property rights, and limits my liability.

The blog mixes facts and fiction. Facts are generally accompanied by a link to the source (in blue) and/or by real screenshots. However, you are reminded that the blog belongs to the category of “belles-lettres”. Therefore, there is no guarantee for the correctness or the completeness of the articles.

Even if the articles are fictional, they can still offend. If you notify me that an article infringes personality rights, or that it divulges non-public information, I will take down the respective passage without delay.

I am writing this blog on my own account, and not in any of the roles that I have at Paris-Saclay, my school, or IP Paris. Even though this blog is available online, I advertise it only to selected people, and not on mailinglists. The reader is kindly asked to do the same.

The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness for things that can be improved in the local university landscape, and to suggest solutions. Before publishing an article, I usually first raise the problem with the entities or people in charge. By way of example, I list here the entities contacted for the GoodUni articles:

GoodUni Calendar
GoodUni Master Programs
GoodUni infrastructure
GoodUni research
Only when these approaches do not lead to results, I publish an article in the blog. The blog regularly attracts sympathetic attention, and the hope is that this contributes to solving the issues in the end.

The blog is available online at https://suchanek.name/work/org/fluctuat/