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Finding a new name for NewUni
As we have reported earlier, five engineering schools in Paris are founding a new university. The working name of the project has been “NewUni”, but the 5 directors have announced that they would ask an external consulting agency to help brand the new university. We are happy to report that the choice has fallen on Fluctuat et Mergitur. With our extensive experience in the domain of branding, and with our renowned seriousness, our experts are predestined for helping the new university find a new name.

Since we are chronically short on budget, however, we have decided to outsource the task of finding a new name to our readers. You are all invited to vote or to propose new names. How should the new university be called? Here are the most popular choices so far:


  1. NewUni (it's fine, no?)
  2. Université Paris Saclay (we just have to be quick enough to secure the name before the other university does it)
  3. Université Polytechnique de Paris
  4. POlytechnicum Of Paris (POOP)
  5. Université Polytechnique de Saclay (UP-Say)
  6. Université Saclaysienne de Paris (not to be confused with the Université de Paris-Saclay, SPLITTERS!!!)
  7. What the HEC
  8. sorry, I accidentally hit the enter key. I mean: What the HEC decides should be taken into account.
  9. Tech Com Sup (I believe this combination is still free)
  10. ParisTech (is there anything called like this? It sounds great to me! Could become the MIT of France!)
  11. X+4
  12. École Polytechnique Féodale de Paris-Saclay (EPFΨ)*
  13. PIT (Paris Institute of Technology, pronounced “P-I-T”)
  14. IPT (Institut Parisien de Technologie, pronounced “I pee tea”)
  15. New University Paris Saclay *
  16. Université X*
  17. Y*
  18. AFUPS (Alternative for University Paris-Saclay) *
  19. Nouilles Unies*
  21. YOUR IDEA HERE (haha, that's a funny name! Why is it even in the list? Anyway, I like it!!)

Vote here!

*from our readers

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