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Paris-Saclay: Step 5 of 5 completed!
Without much attention from the mainstream media, the University of Paris-Saclay has achieved a milestone success last year: It has completed Step 5 of its 5-step-program. Fluctuat et Mergitur has secured exclusive access to this program. As the name suggests, it consists of 5 steps:
  1. Align the educational systems of the universities and the engineering schools
  2. Decide which institutions are part of Paris-Saclay
  3. Start constructing the metro line to the new campus
  4. Build the buildings of the new campus
  5. Admit the first students (DONE!)
As our list shows, Step 5 of 5 has been successfully completed. Indeed, the university of Paris-Saclay has admitted its first students in 2015. The students finished their studies in 2016, and received their diploma in a celebratory event in 2017 — a big success for Paris-Saclay! We have talked to Dr. Naibaf of Télécom ParisTech about this milestone. Dr. Naibaf is enthusiastic:
Paris-Saclay can congratulate itself for the speedy success with Step 5 of the 5-step-plan!

Naturally, one may think that it would have been more reasonable to start the project from Step 1, and not from Step 5. But Dr. Naibaf disperses such thinking:

Step 5 was completed even before the other steps were brought anywhere near completion. This is a clear sign of the foresight of our administration. Tell me any other project where Step 5 was completed before Step 1! I cannot name anyone that would have been successful.

It remains to see how the remaining 4 steps of the program can be achieved. Dr. Naibaf explains:

The next step in our plan is making great progress already. The foundations of the buildings have been constructed, and it will be only a matter of years until they are completed. The step after that is already scheduled: The metro line is poised for opening in 2030. The following steps are, of course, still a bit in the future: Once everyone can finally get to the new campus by metro, we can at last meet in person, and decide which institutions are part of Paris-Saclay. This will then allow the harmonisation of the educational systems of universities and engineering schools, for the benefit of the students of Step 5.
Fluctuat et Mergitur wishes the project success, and will of course follow the progress closely.
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