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Knowledge Bases

A knowledge base (KB) is a structured, computer-processable description of the world. A KB can be thought of as a graph, in which the nodes are entities and the edges are relations. Here is an example:
A knowledge base is a graph
KBs serve all kinds of purposes, such as natural language understanding, intelligent assistance, or machine translation. Our research is guided by specific real-world problems on KBs. I work together with my colleagues and students in the DIG Team of Télécom ParisTech and the Max Planck Institute. We aim to formalize problems, to design principled models for their solution, and to develop real systems that produce that solution.
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Here are the projects that we currently work on:
Logo of YAGO
YAGO is a large open source knowledge base constructed from WordNet, Wikipedia, and other sources.
Schema mining
In the frame of an ANR grant, our goal is to deduce schema information automatically from schema-free knowledge bases. We work on mining rules, mining keys, mining completeness, and mining obligatory attributes of classes.
Medical imaging
We work on mapping brain activity to scientific terms (in collaboration with INRIA Saclay).
Information extraction
We work on repairing regular expressions automatically.

Older projects are

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