Course Evaluation
for the classes on
Information Extraction and the Semantic Web
by Fabian M. Suchanek in Winter 2011
at the École Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar / Sengal


26 people participated in this evaluation. The feedback was free text except for the grades. People gave their consent to have their responses published in an anonymized and summarized form on the Web. Thank you!


Overall grade: 4/5
The vast majority of students (22) found the class interesting, some "very interesting" (4). People mentioned explicitly the good atmosphere (2), the quality of the class as such (2), good pedagogical methodology (2), clarity of the class (2), the humorous aspect (1), and found that I take care if the students are following (1).

At the same time, people would have preferred more in-class exercises (10). I have introduced in-class exercises because I found them useful to check whether people understand. I consistently get the request to make more in-class exercises, even though they are not part of a normal lecture. In the same direction, people would like more time at the whiteboard (2), and more time for questions (2). In general, the class was apparently crammed into too few time and too few days (2 days with each 3+4 hours). Some people found the speed ok (1) or even too slow (1), but in general people would like the class to be slower (3), and spread over more sessions (1).


Overall grade: 4/5
People found the slides fun (11), helpful (8), and clear (3).

People want more examples (8). They want less content per slide (4), but some want more content (2). Most want more text (4), but some less text (2). People want more pictures (3) and colors (2). There are more remarks by individual people. It was suggested that the slides should contain links to reading material. Surprisingly, only two people got annoyed by too much Elvis on the slides (2).


Overall grade: 3.8/5
People found that the exercises were interesting (14), and that they matched the course content (7).

People would have liked the exercises in another language (it was Java) (7). In general, people would have liked to have more time (3). People found the exercises a bit difficult (4), although some want them to be more difficult (2) or found them ok (1). Some people want more programming (5), some less (2). Some people found the exercises not clear (2).

Raw data

* Classes
Thank you 2
clear 2
good 2
good atmosphere 2
good pedagogic methodology 2
teacher takes care if students are following
interesting 22 (very: 4)
3+4+4+4.5+5+4+4+4+4+4+4+4+3+4+4+4+4+4+3+4.8+4.5+4+4 = 91.8 / 23 = 4
slower 3 / faster / ok
more sessions
less Elvis
more in-class exercises 10
more whiteboard 2
more time for questions 2
specify pre-requisites

* Slides
clear 3
helpful 8
fun 11
4+4+5+4+5+4+3+4.5+4+2+5+4+4+4+3+4+4+4+4+4.5+4 = 84 / 21 = 4
less Elvis
more text 4 / less text 2
more pictures 3
more examples 8 / enough examples 2
link to resources
not useful if one did not listen
better in French 2
more colors 2
less content 4 / more content 2
smaller font

* TPs
matched 7
interesting 14
2+5+3+4+4+3+5+3.5+5+3+3+4+3+4+4+3+4+4+4+4+4+3+4+4+5 = 3.8
more time 3
less programming 2 / more programming 5
easier 4 / more difficult 2 / ok
more accompanying 2
other language 7
less writing / more writing
more clear 2
good that not only programming