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Information Extraction and the Semantic Web

Course in the Summer Semester 2013 at Saarland University
© 2013 Fabian M. Suchanek


Semester: Summer Semester 2013
Institute: Saarland University
Time: Thursdays 14:00-16:00 c.t.
Location: HS001 in building E1.3
Language: English
Format: 2 SWS lecture, no exercises
Exam: Monday 5th of August, 14:00 c.t., HS003
Re-exam: Monday 14th of October, 12:00 c.t. Günter-Hotz-Höhrsaal in building E2.2
Registration: Registration with the lecturer is not required. Register with HISPOS system if necessary.


In this class, we will take an overview of Information Extraction techniques and the Semantic Web. Information extraction is the process of deriving structured information (such as alive(Elvis)) from digital text (such as the sentence "Elvis is alive"). The first part of this lecture will focus on factual and semantic information extraction, i.e., we will cover named entity recognition, entity disambiguation, instance extraction, fact extraction, and ontological information extraction. The Semantic Web is the little brother of the Web that aims to represent information in a machine-readable form. So, after having learned how to extract the information from text documents, we will learn how to represent it in a semantic way. We will cover the standards RDF/S, URIs, and RDFa, and recent advances in the field. We will also touch upon applications of both Information Extraction and the Semantic Web, such as Google's knowledge graph, IBM's Watson question answering system, and Facebook's Open Graph, and academic projects such as YAGO, DBpedia, and NELL.


Slide sets that are missing have migrated here.
2013-04-18 Motivation svg, zip, pdf (Elvis)
2013-04-25 Knowledge representation 1 svg, zip, pdf (Mr. Bean)(feedback)
2013-05-02 Knowledge representation 2 svg, zip, pdf (Alizée)svg
2013-05-09 No class (Christi Heavendrive)
2013-05-16 Sources, NERsvg, zip, pdf (Douglas Adams)svg, zip, pdf
2013-05-23 Named Entity Annotationsvg, zip, pdf (Hitchhiker)svg, pdf, zip
2013-05-30 No class (Happy corpse day)
2013-06-06 Precision/Recall, Disambiguation, Instance Extraction (Hearst, Set Expansion, Iteration)svg, zip, pdf (The Simpsons)
2013-06-13 Probabilities svg, zip, pdf (Shrek)svg, pdf, zip
2013-06-20 Fact extraction from structured sources (YAGO, Wrapper Induction)svg, zip, pdf (Shrek)svg, pdf, zip
2013-06-27 No class (conference) Rehearsal exam
2013-07-04 Fact extraction from text (DIPRE, POS)svg, zip, pdf (Roadrunner)svg, pdf, zip
2013-07-11 Grammars, Extraction by reasoning (MAX SAT, SOFIE)svg, zip, pdf (Hermione) svg, zip, pdf
2013-07-18 URIs, RDF, Linked Open Data, RDFasvg, zip, pdf (Elvis)
2013-07-25 No lecture (exams in other courses)
2013-08-05 14:15, Exam in HS003

The schedule beyond the current point of time is tentative. Slides may change up to 1 week after the session in response to class interaction. The PDF slides are provided for convenience only, the authoritative ones are the SVG slides. The supplements are for information only and are not relevant for the exam.