Softskills Seminar

© 2016 Fabian M. Suchanek


The purpose of this course is to train students to give presentations in English. The organization of the course is explained here.


  1. First session: 50% presentation (20 minutes) + 33% report (2 pages) + 17% oral participation (including advocatus diaboli)
  2. Second session: 50% presentation (20 minutes) + 33% report (2 pages) + 17% original oral participation

The grades are now available here


The class takes place from 13:30-16:30 on Thursdays, except for the first session. The class is at Télécom ParisTech.
2016-11-21Room B551 
9:00Fabian SuchanekIntroduction
9:15Vera DickmanPronunciation workshop
2016-12-01Amphi GrenatCANCELED
13:30Fabian Suchanek 1 Snowball: Extracting Relations from Large Plain-Text Collections
14:15Benoît Groz 1 Instance Optimal Geometric Algorithms
15:00Benoît Groz 2 Efficient Estimation for High Similarities using Odd Sketches
15:45Benoît Groz 3 Klee's Measure Problem Made Easy
2016-12-08Amphi Grenat
13:30Albert Bifet 1 Mining High-Speed Data Streams (Soumaya)
14:15Albert Bifet 2 Approximating data with the count-min data structure (Chengyi)
15:00Albert Bifet 3 Contrary to Popular Belief (Aileen)
15:45Albert Bifet 4 "Why Should I Trust You?": Explaining the Predictions of Any Classifier (Tian)
16:30Fabian Suchanek 2 Coupled Semi-Supervised Learning for Information Extraction (Carlos)
2016-12-15Amphi Rubis
13:30Silviu Maniu 1 Efficient Query Evaluation on Probabilistic Databases (Shu)
14:15Silviu Maniu 2 k-Nearest Neighbors in Probabilistic Graphs (Zhao)
15:00Silviu Maniu 3 Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Network (Peikun)
15:45Silviu Maniu 4 Querying and Updating Probabilistic Information in XML (Hoang Nhat Minh)
16:30Fabian Suchanek 3 Automatic Acquisition of Hyponyms from Large Text Corpora (Wenjun)
2017-01-05Amphi Grenat
13:30Jean-Louis Dessalles 1 Regret theory (Anderson)
14:15Jean-Louis Dessalles 2 A computational theory of subjective probability (Ayman)
15:00Jean-Louis Dessalles 3 An impossibility theorem for clustering (Maxime)
15:45Jean-Louis Dessalles 4 Theory of mind: did evolution fool us? (Sabrina)
16:30Fabian Suchanek 4 A Semi-Supervised Method to Learn and Construct Taxonomies (Maroua)
2017-01-12Amphi Rubis
13:30Ioana Manolescu 1 Storing and Querying Tree-Structured Records in Dremel (Pierre)
14:15Ioana Manolescu 2 F1: A Distributed SQL Database That Scales (OUMOUSS)
15:00Ioana Manolescu 3 Spanner: Google’s Globally-Distributed Database (Eliot)
15:45Ioana Manolescu 4 Dynamo: Amazon's Highly Available Key-value Store (Jeanine)
16:30Chloé Clavel 1 Sentiment data flow analysis by means of dynamic linguistic patterns (Safa)
2017-01-19Amphi Grenat
13:30Talel Abdessalem 1 Efficient Algorithms for Public-Private Social Networks (Mohammad)
14:15Talel Abdessalem 2 Local Item-Item Models For Top-N Recommendation (Moustapha)
15:00Talel Abdessalem 3 Collaborative Topic Modeling for Recommending Scientific Articles (Wei)
15:45Talel Abdessalem 4 Reachability Queries in Very Large Graphs (Mezzi)
16:30Chloé Clavel 2Sentence and Expression Level Annotation of Opinions (Dihia)
13:30Emmanuel Waller 1 Automatic Partitioning of Database Applications
(updated 2016-11-24 as per Emmanuel's request, tell us if you prefer the original one)
14:15Emmanuel Waller 2 Durable Graph Pattern Queries on Historical Graphs
(updated 2016-11-24 as per Emmanuel's request, tell us if you prefer the original one)
13:30Nicoleta Preda 1 Data X-Ray: A Diagnostic Tool for Data Errors (Anis)
14:15Nicoleta Preda 2 Functional Dependencies for Graphs (Duyen Phuc)
15:00Nicoleta Preda 3 Temporal Rules Discovery for Web Data Cleaning (Yuhao)
15:45Nicoleta Preda 4 RDF Graph Alignment with Bisimulation (Lyu)