Softskills Seminar


The purpose of this course is to train students to give presentations in English. The organization of the course is explained here. Remember that students have the right to advise from the lecturer for their presentation before the presentation.


The report should summarize the paper and the discussion afterwards. Please name your report after the scientific advisor and the paper number, e.g. “Fatiha-Sais-2.pdf”. Name your slides like “Fatiha-Sais-2-slides.pdf”. Then upload the report and the slides here until 2018-02-08. The upload succeeded if the word “completed” appears next to the upload.

Following requests, the aggregated feedback of each session is now also available below.


The class takes place from 13:30-16:45 on Thursdays in room “B211-212-2 / Amphi Grenat” at Télécom ParisTech.
23/11/1713:30Fatiha Saïs2Incremental Record LinkageKexin TANG
14:053Not Quite the Same: Identity Constraints for the Web of Linked DataJuncheng ZHOU
14:404Completeness-aware Rule Learning from Knowledge GraphsJérémy AECK
feedback15:30Mostafa H. Chehreghani1Microscopic Evolution of Social NetworksTomas Mejia
30/11/1713:30Albert Bifet1Mining High-Speed Data StreamsDavide GALLITELLI
14:052Approximating data with the count-min data structureMESSAOUDI Amin
14:403Contrary to Popular BeliefBOURENNANI Massy
15:304"Why Should I Trust You?": Explaining the Predictions of Any ClassifierNedeljko Radulovic
16:05Mostafa H. Chehreghani2A Density-Based Algorithm for Discovering Clusters in Large Spatial Databases with NoiseMert Ozer
feedback16:40Fatiha Saïs1Keys for graphsNiklas Steenfatt
7/12/1713:30Yue Ma 2 Is Question Answering fit for the Semantic Web ? : a SurveyAdamu Hussaini
14:053From SHIQ and RDF to OWL : The making of a web ontology languageCarlotta Castelluccio
14:404Natural Language Processing (Almost) from ScratchSHUOPENG WANG (30min talk)
feedback15:40Mostafa H. Chehreghani3KADABRA is an ADaptive Algorithm for Betweenness via Random ApproximationXucheng TANG
14/12/1713:30Silviu Maniu1k-Nearest Neighbors in Uncertain GraphsZHAO MENGZI
14:052Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Networkeugenie ly
14:403Efficient Query Evaluation on Probabilistic DatabasesDeboub
15:304Selecting Shortcuts for a Smaller WorldMaha Massaabi
16:055Fast Incremental and Personalized PageRankBesbes Abdelaziz
feedback16:40Mostafa H. Chehreghani4Efficiently Mining Frequent Trees in a Forestwaad ALMasri
21/12/1713:30Nathalie Pernelle 3Interaction-based ontology alignment repair with expansion and relaxationWilfried Zakie
14:05Isabelle Bloch1Learning semantic relationships for better action retrieval in imagesAnderson Carlos Ferreira da Silva
14:402From Images to Sentences through Scene Description GraphsHamza KASRY
feedback15:30Mostafa H. Chehreghani5Realistic, Mathematically Tractable Graph Generation and Evolution, Using Kronecker MultiplicationBenjamin Bailly
11/1/18 13:30Fabian Suchanek1Random Walk Inference and Learning in A Large Scale Knowledge Basemeriem bouzbila
14:052Towards Numeric Prediction on OWL Knowledge Bases through Terminological Regression TreesDANG Trung Kien
14:403Coupled Semi-Supervised Learning for Information ExtractionMiaobing CHEN
15:304Relation Extraction with Matrix Factorization and Universal SchemasMahmoud KOBBI
feedback16:055Probase: A Probabilistic Taxonomy for Text UnderstandingPhuong PHAM
18/1/201813:30Ioana Manolescu1SPARK SQL: Relational Data Processing With SparkPawel Guzewicz
14:052Parallel SPARQL Query OptimizationDuc Thang NGUYEN
14:403Eddies: Continuously Adaptive Query Processingijaz Ullah
15:30Antoine Amarilli 1 Optimal Aggregation Algorithms for Middleware Nehed Zoua
16:052Human-Assisted Graph Search: It’s Okay to Ask Questions wafa djerad
16:40Benoît Groz2Efficient Estimation for High Similarities using Odd SketchesSOUOP Axel
25/1/1813:30Benoît Groz1Wander Join and XDB: Online Aggregation via Random WalksRui SUN
14:053Compressed Linear Algebra for Large-Scale Machine LearningIssa Memari
14:40Antoine Amarilli3Finding A Princess In A Palace: A Pursuit–Evasion Problem Jocelyn VERNAY