Softskills Seminar


This course is an obligatory course of the M2 of the Master's program “Data AI” of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris - open to students of other programs as well. The purpose of this course is to train students to give scientific presentations.

Every student chooses one research paper from the list of proposed papers. The student then prepares a 20min presentation about this paper. For this purpose, she/he can request the help of the advisor of the paper (by email and/or by meeting with them). The student then gives the presentation in the allocated time slot of the Softskills seminar. Students are warmly encouraged to take into account the advice on giving good talks dispensed during the first session.

Each presentation is followed by a question-answer session, where both the students and the lecturers can ask the presenter questions about the paper. To animate this, each student is assigned to some other paper as the “devil's advocate”. In this role (which is not known to the other students), she or he prepares some questions for the presenter. However, all students are invited to participate in the question-answer session.

Participants will be able to chose their papers from a given list of papers. Participants will be informed once this list is available. There is no need for action now.


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The course takes place on Monday afternoon, 13:30-16:30 in Amphi 3 at Telecom Paris.
2021-11-22: Introduction
  1. How to give good talks
  2. How to do a PhD
2021-11-29: Talks
2021-12-06: Talks
2021-12-13: Talks
2022-01-03: Talks
2022-01-10: Talks
2022-01-17: Talks
2022-01-24: Talks