The Basics of Data Security Fabian M. Suchanek based on “ A practical guide to Internet security
Data work study plan vacation make photo album watch movie write letter chat with friends phone with friends write a book be creative write diary be politically active play games learn language listen to music 2 >toc
Overview Protecting data against •  yourself •  hackers •  evil interlocutors •  companies •  governments 3
hackers Who is the biggest enemy to ur data? evil governments big companies viruses/ransomware data leaks 4
hackers evil governments viruses/ransomware data leaks you yourself 5 Who is the biggest enemy to ur data? big companies
All important data should live in at least 2 different places. Backup your data! + some  other place ... to protect against: • theft • loss • hazards • decay © Tim Gee 6 2018-02-17
ransomware  is a malicious software program that makes your data unusable by encrypting it, and requests a ransom (=money) to decrypt it. Def: Ransomware Cryptolocker: 325m USD paid WannaCry: 150,000 USD paid, 4b USD in damages 7
Solution 1: Cloud Service A cloud service automatically backs up your data. (do not copy your data to the cloud service folder, move it there!)