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WordNet  is a large lexical KB of English. It contains information about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. WordNet Def: WordNet 2
A synset is the set of names of an entity. Used mostly for class entities. The synset is often taken as identical to the class entity. Def: Synset 3 class entity synset "individual" "mortal" person label "soul" "person"
"G. person" Gramma- tical person Synsets can intersect 4 label "individual" "mortal" "soul" "person" "psyche" label soul person label
WordNet/Person Example: Synsets 5 Synsets WordNet Search: person
WordNet does not show the class entities (person1, person2, person3), but just the synsets. Example: Synsets 6 person1 person2 person3 "person" "individual" label Let’s find a word in WordNet that has only one meaning.
WordNet/Person 7 Superclass WordNet has the superclasses Root of the whole taxonomy
WordNet Statistics 8 WordNet Statistics Words Synsets Noun Verb Adjective Adverb 118k 11k 21k 4k 155k 82k 14k 18k 4k 118k
WordNet contains some entities, but not many, and none of their properties. Iranian Technology => WordNet is useful mainly as a resource of classes 9 Where’s Alizée?
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